Do Women Fake Orgasm? Why Do They Behave Like This?

Is it obligatory to have an orgasm while a partner penetrates you or not? You’ll be surprised to know that not all women have sex for orgasms. A climax is not the most important issue concerning intimacy. When a man demonstrates attention and affection to the woman through care and tenderness, she often finds it sufficient. The process of massaging, rubbing, and touching can sometimes bring more enjoyment than the climax from the regular penetrative sex.

Ok then, if climaxes are not so important, why do women have to fake them? Women often fake orgasms to satisfy the ego of their men. Besides, if a young woman is inexperienced in matters of intimacy, she will try hard to satisfy her partner and pretend that he’s doing everything in the right way. Why women fake orgasms? They want their partners to strongly believe they are getting mutual pleasure even if it’s not true.

Of course, there’s a great range of reasons making women fake orgasms in 2020. These are not only physiological but psychological reasons as well. If you’re a caring and loving man, respecting the needs of your partner, you will not insist on a female orgasm while getting mutual pleasure from sex.

Main Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms in 2020

One of the worst examples of female orgasms that males get inspired with is porn. Porn actresses are very specific. Even if they do not fake orgasms, they know their bodies and their sensitivity so well, that they don’t need to concentrate on anything while having sex and getting pleasure from it even on camera. Of course, there are many lucky women, whose physiology and sensitivity make miracles, helping them reach the climax in all sex positions. Unfortunately, most women have never known what an orgasm is. The mechanism of the female orgasm is very complicated.

One of the most disturbing issues for many women willing to climax is a conversation with their partners. They often find it hard and embarrassing to talk with their men about their wishes and expectations in the bedroom. We hope that our online dating Ukraine will help find a partner who is not afraid of speaking out about the needs and expectations in between-the-sheets affairs.

Main Reason Why Women Fake Orgasms

A psychologically, physiologically, and emotionally healthy man has more chances to orgasm than women do. Of course, being drunk or high often postpone both an erection and satisfying ejaculation. A woman’s ability to experience climax in the process of sexual intercourse is tightly linked to the following issues:

  • Innumerable surveys and social researches among women of all ages prove that half of them have never experienced an orgasm because of the uncomfortable relationships and lack of trust in partners.
  • A single woman is more likely to fake orgasm in comparison to the one who is in a relationship. It’s easier for the majority of women to speak out about sexual preferences and favorite positions with reliable permanent partners. Casual sex is not satisfying enough for most women.

If your partner and you are ready for a sincere and frank conversation, it means that you have great chances to learn how to satisfy each other in the bedroom without pressure from anyone’s side. If the inability to orgasm is not connected with the physiological reasons, it’s an entirely psychological issue. A woman of any age can reach climax while having sex. The trouble is that not every woman experienced a devoted relationship with a trustworthy partner.

Women Fake Orgasm Because of the Lack of Time

Women often fake orgasm because a man does not manage to satisfy her, it’s simple. You’ll have to learn a bit more about the female’s psychology and the processes leading them to satisfying orgasms. Start the search from the information about what a g-spot is and how to stimulate it properly. A woman also has to take her time to learn how her body works. You should be especially patient and consistent if it’s the first sex experience for a woman.

The nature of female orgasm is quite complex. It’s about the whole list of aspects:

  • Sex experience. A young and healthy woman will unlikely to feel orgasm with a partner, having sex for the first time. Nevertheless, you can fix the situation utilizing sex toys and massagers.
  • Emotional readiness. Even an experienced woman can fail to have an orgasm without emotional relaxation. The whole atmosphere should be safe and friendly.
  • Psychological bond with a partner. Even if it’s a one-night stand, it should happen without a bit of physical tension. A glass of wine can help you resolve the situation and push the emotional limits and mistrust.

When a woman is already aware of what she needs in the bedroom, and her partner is ready to ask questions and act mutually, there won’t be any trouble with delivering the greatest sensations. Consider the following:

  • If a sex position of your choice delivers mutual satisfaction, it doesn’t matter whether it looks weird or not;
  • Don’t giggle or laugh at the behavior of a woman when she’s close to the climax – you never know how you behave and look when you’re about to cum;
  • When your lady is about to orgasm, do whatever she asks or commands to help her climax – believe us, this behavior will be entirely rewarded.

If you’re in a devoted relationship, you should never ignore sex and intimacy. Of course, it’s not a crucial part of love, but it affects emotionality, mood, and psychological state. Regular orgasms provide us with more energy, release the daily tension, and make our hearts and blood vessels stronger. It’s technically hard for a woman to orgasm merely because she needs more time to explore the capabilities of her body. Give her time to understand what she wants and enjoy the benefits of regular sex.

There’s nothing wrong with a woman who enjoys sex but cannot orgasm through penetrative sex. There’s a wide choice of vibrating tools and fingering techniques leading to impressive orgasms.

How Real Women Orgasms Look from the Side

When a woman is hungry for sexual satisfaction, and when she knows how to help her body get it, she will reach the climax. If a man is inexperienced, he can fail to notice the moment when a woman gets to the top of her sensations. It’s not a fake orgasm if:

  • A woman bites her lips violently and rolls her eyes. It looks like she’s looking through you and cannot fix her eyes on anything.
  • Her skin gets abnormally hot and she can start sweating a lot, which is not typical for her outside the bedroom.
  • When the orgasm starts during penetrative sex, you’ll most likely feel the fast and tight pulsations all over your penis shaft. It’s hard to ignore this process because it makes most men cum unpredictably.
  • Her body becomes too sensitive for the touches and strokes. She asks you not to touch her right after the orgasm because it delivers discomfort and even pain for a very short time. It often happens after a delayed orgasm.
  • Some women demonstrate awkward behavior. They get out of breath, cry, weep, and even swear. It can be scary if you’re a young inexperienced man. A woman cannot predict how a massive orgasm can affect her behavior.

A fully satisfying orgasm brings positivity to family life. Regular sexual stimulation resulting in a sweet climax works as a sort of emotional reload. Both of you feel healthier, more concentrated, and psychologically pleased. It’s like a good-old antidepressant pill.

It’s Not Always Easy to Make an Experienced Woman Orgasm

Even an experienced partner is not always ready to concentrate on having an orgasm. It does not necessarily mean that it will be a fake orgasm. Many women find it emotionally pleasing to enjoy the process and not the climax. Sometimes, a woman feels too tired to have an orgasm but comfortable to have sex. In this case, you don’t have the right to force her. Enjoy the intimacy together regardless of the aims.

There’s nothing wrong with a woman who is not ready to have an orgasm even if she feels her body. She’s got back home from work. It’s been an annoying day with many responsibilities and professional duties. She’s hungry for a hot dinner, a movie, and a glass of wine. Yeah, she will have nothing against sex with you even if she’s tired. But don’t make her climax – she simply wants you to enjoy this sex as she has just enjoyed her glass of wine.

Yes, she is not sexually excited. Nevertheless, she likes you touching her and has nothing against delivering you some pleasure in return for another orgasm tomorrow when she’s not so wasted at work.

Both of you are like-minded personalities who know how to satisfy each other and help to withstand emotional stress. Lovemaking between two people with a common background and emotional values is always enjoyable, even if it does not end in orgasm.

Make Her Orgasm Well: TOP Tips 2020

Half of the women of all ages have to fake orgasms because of their men’s egoistic desire to be emotionally satisfied during sex.

If you are a sensible and thoughtful person, you’ll understand whether your lady is ready to get to the climax or not. Otherwise, you’ll have to learn what a fake orgasm is. Don’t be too pushy not to make your woman feel awkward and tense.

  • Don’t ever laugh at awkward sexual preferences of your partner;
  • Accept the fact that a fake orgasm can be caused by the underlying reasons – disturbing thoughts, stress at work, health conditions, and more;
  • Don’t try to follow a special plan while getting ready for your first between-the-sheets affair – planning is one of the worst things you can stick to when it comes to intimacy;
  • Don’t try to make your woman orgasm if she’s drunk – booze makes it hard to concentrate on sexual pleasure.

Ok, then. Do women fake climaxes? Yes. A fake orgasm is normal for many emotionally pressured women. They have to behave the way men do to avoid confrontations. Nevertheless, you should understand that making a woman orgasm is not a specific science. All information that you might come in handy can be found on the internet. Making your partner enjoy sexual pleasure is simple – just be yourself and never forget to listen and share your desires. You will never know what a fake orgasm is if you’re loyal and polite with your partner.

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