Romantic love is just one of the many forms of this powerful phenomenon. There is love between a mother and her child, between brothers and sisters, pets and their owners. Such is human nature that living without it makes our existence miserable. 

Love has given inspiration to all kinds of art and literature throughout centuries. The search for love is in the plot of most fiction books. When it comes to real-life romance, the quest to find a soulmate may take years, unless you are especially lucky. 

What Does Love Give Us?


Your partner will give you affection and tenderness. True love between a man and a woman is so much more than pure lust. You respect and support each other through thick and thin, sharing joys and sorrows. When times get rough, people who are genuinely in love stick by one another and overcome difficulties together. 

Confidence in the Future 

Love shows that we are not alone in this world. The bonds that tie two lovers together allows them to develop and explore own inner selves hand-in-hand. Love is a powerful driver pushing us to go further and achieve more in life.


When people settle down and start a family, this gives them motivation. They feel they need to accomplish more for the sake of their family and posterity. If they feel cared for by their kids and spouses, they can achieve a lot. In short, love is our basic need. 

Maslow’s Hierarchy 

The famous pyramid describing human needs reflects Abraham Maslow’s understanding of our nature. Its level is the things we need for growth and so-called self-actualization. The most basic level includes our need for self-preservation and food. Love belongs to a higher tier and can, therefore, be found only if the basic needs are met. 

How Does Love Appear?

In terms of romance, love emerges from our animal drives. It is based on a physical need rather than emotional. The primal instincts lead us to procreation and keeping the population alive. This explains the natural desire of women to have children and care for them. In this respect, they are no different from most mammals.


Without love, life seems incomplete or even empty. One’s self-esteem and motivation deteriorate. You feel that something vital is missing and keep on suffering until you find the one. And if you thought some people need it more than others, this is not true. Even hopelessly introverted singles still crave the company of a like-minded lover. 

Choosing a person to share your life with is essential. Sadly, this is easier said than done. Today, we have a wide range of digital tools that facilitate the process. There are dating sites and apps, Facebook communities and other social media features.  These open instant access to hundreds of potential matches. 

You could still meet your love the old-school way, through mutual connections or social events. The methods of connection are transforming. What is unchanged is the primal human need for romantic attachment.  

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