For an unemployed male, the chances of even fixing a date, let alone find a girlfriend, are slim to none. Women are still looking for reliable gentlemen who will be breadwinners if the relationship works out. Despite technological progress, some views remain unchanged through centuries.

Recently, the It’s Just Lunch site conducted a survey which confirmed that an overwhelming majority of its female users (three quarters) would turn down an invitation from a jobless man. If the odds of such date are so low (only 25%), does the same apply to women out of work?

When She is Jobless

So, what about the opposite situation? Does it matter if a girl is employed or not? Here, opinions vary little. 

According to the same research findings, males are much more accepting of such candidates. In fact, well over half (66%) admitted such status would cause no problems at all. A date with only 8% of the respondents was out of the question.

A similar question was asked on Quota. The comments revealed a few important points. 

Laziness is a Deterrent

Unemployment is not seen as an issue as long as she is proactive and doesn’t just sit around hoping to catch a victim to provide for her. If she is lazy, this is a major turnoff. Job seeking is perfectly acceptable, just like a career break or other activities that make her life complete.

Personal Virtues

If he is looking for a good wife and future mother, he is likely to focus on very different emotional qualities. Typically, these include kindness, honesty, and resilience. A stay-at-home mom does not need to be ambitious and career-obsessed. Her focus is child-rearing, keeping the house cozy, and supporting the husband. Some men forbid their wives to work at all. Hence, it is all very relative.

Objective Circumstances

It is important to distinguish between different reasons for unemployment. If the situation was inevitable (e.g., due to redundancies), she cannot be accused of laziness. If, however, he can see no desire to find an occupation, she could be seen as a potential leech. 


Rejecting such a candidate is often seen as short-sighted, since any individual may find themselves between jobs one day. Similarly, dumping a partner solely because of their jobless status is shallow.

Emotional Warmth

Her job is not the most important aspect. After all, people begin relationships because they lack human companionship, intimacy, and warmth. She may be jobless at the moment, but her company will make him truly happy. 

Non-profit Activities

Finally, it is possible to still be a hard worker when pursuing a hobby. If she is into art, for example, this may not qualify as a source of income, while the effort invested in work is significant. 

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