How well can you read a person? Unless you are an expert in nonverbal communication, deciphering a man’s opinion of you is challenging. You may think the date is going well only to be shocked by his subsequent ghosting. 

Here are several key signs that indicate romantic interest. Whether you meet him on or through a mutual friend, human behavior always abides by the same rules. So, if he is into you, you will notice that…

He Starts Conversations

Analyze your exchanges after the date. Was it you who sent the first text? If this pattern persists, the news is bad. A guy who is interested will be proactive, not reactive.

When he is spellbound, he views you as a goal. Therefore, he will be trying to achieve the target, be it a relationship or just another date. Do not allow illusions to cloud your judgment. If he texts you drunk and invites to his home late at night, he is also pursuing a goal. The difference is this goal is hardly noble. 

He Looks Happy Around You

If he is interested, your presence will give him joy. There will be no anxiety or negativity. This is the point of a healthy relationship – you make each other feel good through expressions of tenderness and affection.  

He is Persistent

If he is charmed, he will insist on meeting you again. Rejection will only cause him to make a better effort. This does not mean anything creepy. If he feels at least some interest from you, he will try to win you over. 

His Body Shows It

You will notice him make eye contact often. He will be leaning in during your conversation and his feet may also point towards you. This is old-school psychology, but it is still true. Another common sign attempts to touch you, even in subtle ways. 

He does not Make You Pretend 

With a guy who likes you, you can act like yourself. There is no need for pretending and measuring your words. This will feel natural. If he is interested, he will be trying to learn more about the real you – your inner self, your lifestyle, your plans. And, therefore…

He Listens

And listens actively. A person who is into you will ask you meaningful questions instead of senseless fillers like “really?”. He wants to know more about your past, present, and future. He is glad if you share your dreams and ambitions, your goals and your views. You are bound to notice his genuine attention as you speak. 

He Makes You Part of His Life

If his intentions are less than serious, a man is not even going to tell his friends about you. Probably, he will compartmentalize, maintaining distance between your lives rather than merging them. Of course, he could mention his family or buddies, but do not hope to ever be introduced to them. 

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