With the body positivity movement in full swing, we are encouraged to accept different shapes of the female body. However, it is still obvious the majority of single men would rather date a fit girl. There are many reasons for this choice. Here are just a few. 

She is Active

Such girls are no lazy bums. If they attend the gym regularly, this means they are energetic and able to set their own goals. Working on one’s body is in a way a creative process. Through training, we sculpt the figure we need. This requires determination and persistence. Hence, such women will be at least able to handle the housework.

She Can Join You at the Gym

A man who loves lifting weights is likely to choose a fitness babe as a romantic companion. This ensures at least one shared passion, and a topic for conversations you are both excited about. 

She could also help you stick to the routine. A leg day is hard to skip if it is for both of you! This way, her presence in your life boosts discipline, so you feel even more motivated to improve your body. Any activities shared by two people make them more connected. The sports enjoyed together are not limited to weights. You could go to jogging or mountain climbing. 

In any case, she is unlikely to reject your invitation out of laziness. Maybe she doesn’t even mind waking up early. If you are an early riser yourself, she may have your breakfast ready and not make a fuss about it.

She is Healthy

Physical exercise makes our bodies stronger and healthier overall. If she is keen on keeping fit, she is likely to steer clear of excessive drinking, smoking, and other negative habits. And if you see her as your future wife, you can be sure she will handle pregnancy and child-rearing easier. 

She Accepts Your Eating Habits

Sporty men often stick to a special diet. You can be sure your boiled chicken will cause no outrage. She knows you need willpower and the task is highly important. Tempting you with delicious pizza is not her style.

If she cooks, you will hear no protest against healthy dishes. The two of you could devise own special recipes together. And she can always be asked to make those tasty protein pancakes with low-fat yogurt. 

She is Self-confident

A strong and fit body gives her confidence. She knows her body looks good. If she can walk into the gym and shine like a star, you are dealing with a girl who exudes confidence. 

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